the personal masturbation videos are flooding in!  One of the submitters sent this, with this message:

"As I am in the process of moving things to my tumblr, I figured I may as well upload the videos!  This is the one of me using my most used and beloved toy, the Wahl massager, on my clit. I think I was on orgasm number 20 for the day by this point.. lol. As I recall, this was the day Daddy and I stayed home to fuck all day. Glorious day that was… Anyway, enjoy the short clip. :)"

(via teenmostdick)

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    Fuck me nao
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    Mmm hearing her moan gets me horny …..
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    One of my favorite toys in the world! So powerful and focused.
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    God damn. Follow My Carnal Mind; let us find your porn for you!
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    Save film
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    Confess your secret desires. Share your pictures, videos and gifs. Kik & snapchat: art_vandalay22.
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    Using a Wahl massager on her clit give a great orgasm. 880
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